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Last Ones Standing

A documentary by Eric Brunt

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"I’ve seen so much death that I’m callous. Death doesn’t mean too much to me.” At 96 years old, Marshall “Swampy” Hall has 9 pieces of shrapnel lodged in him. Swampy considers them a painful reminder of his time in Italy, a place Canadians served that is often forgotten about.

Swampy Hall
Lloyd Seaward

"You never talked much about death. That’s how you survived it all,” Lloyd Seaward explained. At 21 years old, Lloyd left Newfoundland to inevitably end up on another island: Japan. After spending 3 years in a prisoner of war camp and witnessing countless horrors of war, Lloyd still holds on to a promise he was unable to keep.


1.1 million Canadians served in the Second World War. Today there are less than 30,000 remaining, and that number is shrinking every day. Soon there will be no WWII veterans left. Will we remember what these men and women sacrificed for the Canada we live in today?


In May 2018, I left Victoria, BC, in a small van, with the goal of traveling across Canada to interview and film as many surviving WWII veterans as possible. These interviews will be used in my documentary titled "Last Ones Standing."

Reg Harrison


Two years in the making, the film is 100% independently produced apart from GoFundMe donations. I am still seeking donations to help finish this documentary.

"Last Ones Standing" needs to be seen by as many people as possible. Any funding raised will help with the editing of the film, licensing archival material, and securing distribution. I am also personally mailing complete interviews on DVD for each veteran's family.

This is an important chapter of Canada's history. These men and women sacrificed their youth and in return we have our freedom. Please consider supporting this project and donating to "Last Ones Standing" today!